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pretty quick update

Posted by travsaus - 2 weeks ago

Just wanted to make a quick post about how things are going with me. If I'm gonna be honest... They're not so great. I've been really stressed and frustrated because of school and how it's affecting my mental health, and my parents don't make things any better by constantly talking about my grades whenever they can. Don't worry about it though, it's just asian parent things.

But things have been pretty good, too! Ever since my megaphone tankman got plastered all over Newgrounds, I've went from 700 followers to a whopping 1.7k. And I thought that would take months to reach, but you all decided to shorten it to 6 days. Really happy about that. It's kind of hard to impress people since I barely make any original art and I just draw the things I like. I've been really, really, really, reaaaaalllllyyyy been wanting to make some more original art, but I guess I'm just shy.

Speaking of art, I made something for Pico Day. I probably won't post it until the day hits, though. But trust me, it'll be cool! It took me a whole month, because I kept redrawing things and also because school. Haha.

Here's a sneak peek:


Just a tiny Tom Fulp and a diminished Dan Paladin. I think the Behemoth might just be my favorite Newgrounds thing ever, so why wouldn't I put these two in?

Anyways, that's about it. Again, thank you all for so many followers! I didn't expect so many. People have been saying things like "I became a supporter because of your megaphone tankman" and that honestly makes me happy. I hope you all know that none of that supporter money goes to me. But I genuinely don't care, because this site needs more money than me. This site has been important to me ever since I was a wee little lass, and I want nothing but good things for it. ng for life!!!!!



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Things will get better my friend, hang in there! You got this! Your art is amazing as well!

best of luck with school! it sucks major sometimes, but just try to remember people are more than their academics yknow :o

very excited to see what you'll be cooking up in the future! your art has a very special charm 2 it :]

I know how you feel my dude, hopefully things get better soon for you and glad you reach 1.7k you deserve it and can't wait too see all the art your gonna to post ♡(.◜ω◝.)♡

Yo dude your art is really amazing dont get down you are good doing art

ng for life dude

megaphone newground man

Hope things get better for you bro, take it easy :)

I know how it feels, school is a pain in the neck and I really hope things will get better for you :D. Love your art by the way.

The only thing i can say is "I CAN RELATE"

You can get past it dude, I know what it's like dealing with parents who are way too harsh with grades its real shitty and hard to deal with but you can rise above it, look you've got something great here, thanks to the recognition your megaphone Tankman got, you be become quite the hit on Newgrounds, you're a part of the future for Newgrounds artists and creations and you should feel proud of yourself for accomplishing such a thing, at the end of the day, even if your parents are being obtuse about your grades, just think that, you are likely inspiring a whole new generation of Newgrounds artists, I for sure know you're an inspiration to me!

You can pull through the stress dude, you got this and even if your parents don't think you can, I know you'll go far >:D